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Marlene’s role as a nationally recognized industry expert has included sharing her expertise and around all things teen and tween, and has evolved over the course of nearly two decades in her strategic partnership with Wilhelmina international, the global modeling agency.

She is a five-time published author, quest speaker, and educator for aspiring young models.

Marlene has devoted herself to empowering girls to discover their inner beauty and help them develop a state of wellness through promoting a balanced lifestyle. With that being said, all this supports her core belief: “You don’t have to be a model to feel like one”.


  In 2017, Marlene launched JAM, Just Ask Marlene, a lifestyle brand geared towards adolescent girls. This is an extension of her continued branding work with Wilhelmina Kids & Teens.

  Don’t forget, whatever you need to know, Just Ask Marlene.




My name is Aza and I am 10 years old and live in sunny Dubai, U.A.E.! I love JAM because there’s a lot of information on the website that helps me and my friends feel pretty and confident at school.  My favorite part of JAM is the beauty cheat sheet because it gives me lots of fun things to try out with friends at sleepovers. Another thing I love about JAM is that I am allowed to enter competitions even though I don’t live in America! This is the first website that allows me to participate in everything from so far away.” – Aza





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