Finding the Right Photographer

Often, I get asked this burning question: “How do I find the right photographer?“.

Well, this question does not have one solid answer. In fact, the “right” photographer could be different for everyone.

Today, I have decided to answer that question by example and highlight a set of photographers whose work, I believe, is extraordinary.  There are numerous great photographers, but only a select few that can capture the beauty and purity of a child.

Yesterday, we started you out with a fabulous interview with Kris+Eric Photography. Today, you’ve probably found your way here to find the answer to today’s Instagram question- so, time to give the people what they want!

JAM: How do you recommend selecting a photographer?

KRIS LOU: Choose the photographer that catches your eye. If a photographer harnesses your imagination the possibilities for quality collaborative imagery are endless.

Well said, Kris. Check back tomorrow for another question of the day!