Interview with Giveaway Photographer Anne Constance + Twin Photoshoot

We recently held a giveaway for a photoshoot (you can see some of the final shots below) with the lovely Anne Constance, so today we decided to take a step back and introduce our followers to her. Who is Anne and how did she get her start? Let’s hear from the New Jersey photographer herself….

JAM: How did you start in photography?

Anne: My dad handed me my first film SLR when I was in 8th grade and from there I fell in love with photography. My career started out as a fresh college graduate working in a wedding photography studio. I spent the first 6 years of my career shooting weddings. I cultivated a very editorial style, which ultimately helped me launch my own business in 2004. I learned a tremendous amount about photographing people during my wedding years, but eventually my desire was to transition into portraiture. In 2008 I left weddings behind for kids!

JAM: Where are you located?

Anne: I live in Chester, NJ and shoot mainly in and around Morris County.

JAM: What is something you enjoy about being a photographer?

Anne: I love the freedom in it. Kids are such soulful beings and I feel privileged to create photographs the way that I observe that child to look and feel their best. I also love to help kids book jobs and see their dreams become a reality.

JAM: How do you recommend dealing with the jitters of a photoshoot?

Anne: I think jitters are a good thing! They remind us that something is of importance. Ultimately it is my job as the photographer to calm the jitters of a child. I enjoy the challenge of breaking down the walls of insecurity and letting a kid feel like a kid in front of the camera. That’s when the best images are made.

JAM: Do you prefer shooting indoors or outside, why?

Anne: I do headshots exclusively outdoors. Not only do I love natural light, but I also think that kids feel most at home when they are outside. It is a far less intimidating environment then a studio, thus it allows them to express more of their personality for the camera.

JAM: How should someone prepare their child for headshots?

Anne: Select clothing that compliments the color of their eyes. I will help guide each parent with wardrobe, but I can’t stress enough that the colors you choose to wear are crucial. A good nights sleep and something to eat beforehand is important as well. Talk to the child about what to expect, especially the younger ones, and remind them that this is supposed to be a fun experience!

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