Introducing… KRIS + ERIK

In today’s spotlight is New York photographers Kris + Erik. This dynamic duo caught our eyes here at Just Ask Marlene for the simplistic and stunning nature behind every shot.

Kris Lou is a dynamic fashion photographer using her visual voice to challenge the status quo.  She believes life imitates art, and inspiration is everywhere. Her expressive images, clear vision and hands-on approach to creative direction have solidified her as one of the great emerging visual creatives of her time.  

Kris Lou excelled in art as a child and by grade school, photography felt like a natural extension of her senses.  By the age of eighteen, she had studied fine arts and photography in Chicago, Seattle, Los Angles, Amsterdam, and Paris. 

After attending the American University of Paris she moved to New York where she practiced portraiture by photographing models for some the top agencies in the world. Her love for fashion, design and makeup artistry quickly led her to transition into editorial and advertising productions.

Kris Lou lives and works between New York and Chicago. Current work samples of her photography are available at

Luckily, we got a chance to have a one-on-one interview with the one and only Kris behind Kris+Erik.

JAM: How did you start in photography?

KRIS LOU:  Photography has been an ongoing discovery without beginning or end.  The camera is a natural extension of my senses and provides me a tool to share my unique vision with others.  


JAM: Where are you located?

KRIS LOU:  We have studios in Chicago and NY.  We also travel to fashion markets all over the world depending on the job.


JAM:  Tell us about Erik?

KRIS LOU:  Erik is involved in all aspects of our productions and manages our business.  I like to say Erik is my better half.


JAM:  How do you select talent for your shoots?

KRIS LOU:  I am always looking for new faces.  I like to work with talent on jobs that have come through my studio previously.   Generally, the talent selects us. 


JAM:  What is something you enjoy about being a photographer? 

KRIS LOU:  Using art as a medium we can empower our subjects to positively change how they see themselves and the way they are perceived by others.  I love to see the talent provided new opportunities as a result of the images we create. 


JAM: What tips do you have for someone taking a selfie?

KRIS LOU:  Find your light and feel yourself.


JAM:  How do you recommend selecting a photographer?

KRIS LOU: Choose the photographer that catches your eye.  If a photographer harnesses your imagination the possibilities for quality collaborative imagery are endless.


JAM:  How do you recommend dealing with the jitters of a photo shoot?

KRIS LOU:  I love jitters.  I get them every photo shoot and thrive on them.  Channel that energy into creativity and enthusiasm. 


JAM: How many shots do you like to choose from for “the” image?

KRIS LOU: Every image I have ever taken has led me to “the” image.   The moment dictates the image and it speaks to me.  


JAM:  What does being “photogenic” mean to you?  

KRIS LOU: “Photogenic” means the capacity to express genuine experience and emotion on film.   


JAM: Do you prefer shooting indoors or outside and why?

KRIS LOU:  We select shoot locations based on our feeling of the project.  I am equally inspired by nature and our studio environment.  

I don’t know about you, but Kris Lou is our new #GIRLBOSS! Her selfie tip is one of our favs- confidence is key! We are going to be previewing a ton of her work over on our Instagram at @justaskmarlene- so stay tuned and follow along for some bonus interview questions!

This perfect pair is located in NYC, currently booking April 7th 8th and 9th, with limited spots available!  For booking information contact Kris + Erik at   Check out their Instagram ! 

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