JAM Squad Contest!

The JAM Squad is a group of kids and teens that will be chosen to represent JAM. They will be contributors to our social media on a regular basis, with their own unique segments personalized to fit their talents and abilities.

THIS IS A SEARCH for very special people so be sure that your unique self shines through. By submitting it is with the understanding you in all cases have the consent of a parent or guardian.
The top 10 entries will be posted to justaskmarlene.com at some point on February 12th, at which time the JAM family will vote for their favorite. Candidate number of views (which only we can see) and the number of likes to the post is part of the winning criteria. The primarily selection criteria includes originality, clarity of message and production quality and clarity of message. will be Marlene’s broad experience with in the field of kids & teens, modeling & talent will play a significant role in the selection process.
What are the benefits of being selected?
This is your chance to gain great exposure through the JAM network and to build your influence on social media.
Being an Influencer, even if it is a micro-Influencer, is something that clients ask about on auditions and so to highlight in school and camp applications .Whether you are an aspiring model or actress, a sports star, or someone with a positive cause to promote, having your own following as an Influencer is something that will set you apart from the crowd.
Who should submit a video?
NO PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE NEEDED for doing a Takeover Story. It is a lot of work to produce a video every week or so, therefore whoever submits should be someone who absolutely loves telling their story and has lots of ideas about what they want to say. It should also be someone who has the technical skills to video a compelling story. If you should be selected, we will provide technical support for the finishing touches of your Stories – post production – as they say.
This is your chance to be a Star with no acting or modeling experience required. Just share fun videos that you and your friends and family make. They can include things like – tips and tricks, tutorials, DIY projects and lots more. You can submit a video about why you should be selected!
What is the deadline?
The submission deadline has been extended to Sunday, February 11, 2018 at Midnight which gives you lots of time to think of ideas and the whole weekend to shoot and send in the final video. The submission should be emailed to doni@justaskmarlene.com.
Once you are selected for the JAM Squad, we can help you with ideas for your videos that will help your personality shine through. For example, I recently talked with a Mom and her daughter who work together in a Mission serving meals on Sundays. We suggested a theme of spreading POSITIVITY and they ran with that idea.
There are JAM squad members 
that have been selected prior to this Search
All you have to do is – justaskmarlene.