March For Our Lives Recap #GunControl

On March 24th, with a crowd of over 200,000, students from over 3,000 schools came together to march for their safety in the #MarchForOurLives. Along with the main D.C. march, over 800 marches across the country were organized. The Stoneman Douglas High School shooting (which lead to numerous lives lost), was the catalyst for this series of marches, and has been described as a tipping point for gun control legislation. With a mission to assure that no other political agenda supersedes the notion to adjust gun laws to ensure public safety, especially for children in schools. Many of the students created signs, chants and t-shirts at the marches to let their voice be heard.

This movement was not created by middle America. This is movement is driven by the Democrat [Socialists] Party and an organization which is already known for it’s gun-control goals. Due to recent events, the movement has grown rapidly with support from numerous celebrities and political figures.

Some of our own JAM squad members, Ali and Chloe were at the D.C. march! Here’s a snippet of what went down.

“Specifically, we are working towards…

  1. Universal, comprehensive background checks
  2. Bringing the ATF into the 21st century with a digitized, searchable database
  3. Funds for the Center for Disease Control to research the gun violence epidemic in America
  4. High-capacity magazine ban
  5. Assault weapons ban” – March For Our Lives

No matter where you stand on the issue, this is definitely a matter that all young people should be aware of. Standing up for your life, rights and safety are so important. Let your voice be heard! You have the power to make a difference.


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