Mentor Monday

Meet my mentee, Ariana Sneed!
“My name is Ariana Sneed (@ariana_sneed) I am 23 years old, I am a full time student, studying international trade and marketing at the Fashion Institute of Technology.
Marlene Wallach is my newest mentor/friend, we met in a very unorthodox way. We met on a delta flight from NYC to Buffalo, N.Y. In this short flight Marlene and I realized we had a few similiar views as well as energy. After only about 15 minutes on the flight Marlene was guiding me towards a tough business decision that I’d been contemplating for weeks.
Ive known Marlene less than a month now, but I can tell just from our short time together she is a great mentor and confidant. I would highly recommended to anyone and everyone, if you are in a pickle JUST ASK MARLENE!” -Ariana Sneed