Quiz: Your Skincare Style + Facial Giveaway!

What is your skincare style? Are you a skincare buff or do you like to keep it simple? Let’s see!

  • When you open your medicine cabinet, you see:
    • Dozens of different kinds of face wash, creams, and toners spilling out (1 pt)
    • A lonely toothbrush and box of Band-Aids (2 pts)
    • Your favorite face wash, lotion, and sunscreen neatly lined up (3 pts)
  • You’re on vacation with your family and its high noon. Your plan of action is to:
    • Ignore the sun while you join every activity the hotel offers (2 pts)
    • Slather on SPF 700 and avoid the sun like the plague (1 pt)
    • Duck under the nearest umbrella until the sun gets lower, then head out covered in SPF 30 (3 pts)
  • Before bedtime, you always:
    • Write in your diary and meditate (2 pts)
    • Steam your face with a warm washcloth, cleanse with a foaming wash, and moisturize with a light invigorating lotion (1 pt)
    • Quickly splash on some soap and water before your brush your teeth (3 pts)
  • Your idea of heaven is:
    • An afternoon of TV, junk food, and nothing else (2 pts)
    • A mall packed with people and big sales (1 pt)
    • Hanging out with your best friends (3 pts)
  • When packing a snack for a school field trip, you grab:
    • A water bottle, an apple, and a chocolate chip cookie (3 pts)
    • A can of soda and some licorice (2 pts)
    • Your body weight in water and so many carrots you might turn orange (1 pt)
  • When you get a pimple, here’s what you do:
    • Ignore it and let nature take its course (2 pts)
    • Unveil an array of sterilized surgical instruments and go to town picking the pimple (1 pt)
    • Apply some pimple medicine and forget about it (3 pts)
  • The color that best describes you is:
    • Sky blue (3 pts)
    • Shocking pink (1 pt)
    • Silver (2 pts)
  • If you could choose any beauty treatment, you would pick:
    • A three-hour facial and a hot stone massage (1 pt)
    • A cute manicure-pedicure (3 pts)
    • You would rather skip it and read the fun magazines while waiting for your friends (2 pts)
  • Your mom is always bugging you to:
    • Let loose and little and try a different hairstyle from your usual ponytail (3 pts)
    • Brush your hair AND your teeth (2 pts)
    • Stop diving into her creams, perfumes, and face products (1 pt)
  • Your fantasy profession is:
    • Rock star (1 pt)
    • Chef (2 pts)
    • Veterinarian (3 pts)


If you had…

10-17 points: You like to take whatever you do to this max – and that includes your beauty routine. Whether it’s a four-hour morning ritual that involves layers and layers of cream or a desire to get a deep tan as soon as the warm weather hits, you enthusiastically embrace anything you believe will improve your appearance. You need to watch out that you don’t get sucked in by fads or ads.

18-24 points: Bronzer. Toner. Loofah. These terms may well be Greek for all you know. You have a lot of interests, but exfoliating isn’t one of them. You’re lucky if you can muster up the energy it takes to wash your face before you go to bed. Okay, it’s great that you aren’t obsessed with your looks, but caring for your skin is critical. It’s a health issue as well as a beauty issue. That’s especially true when it comes to using sunscreen. Sun damage, even at an early age, can cause skin cancer later on. Set up a simple skin care routine that you can stick to.

25-30 points: You’re a three-square-meal kind of girl. And your beverage of choice? Water, naturally. Your approach to skin care is equally balanced. You know it’s important to wash your face twice a day and keep your skin hydrated with moisturizer. Keep up the good work, but don’t give yourself a hard time if you miss a spot of SPF. Nobody’s perfect.



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