IN SIZE / OUT OF SIZE – a private JAM TALK with Sylvia

I recently had a JAM TALK with Sylvia – who has three boys, a 3, 5 and a 10-year-old and she is going to be one busy lady.

In the kid’s world of clothing, age usually age translates to size and 3, 5 and 10 are what in the business we refer to as in size.  When someone is in size it means their size is either 3, 5,or 10 – industry standard for the size of clothing samples used for the photo shoots. It also means that Sylvia is going to be running all over town on Go Sees (auditions for modeling jobs) and jobs because children that are in size work the most and she has three of them.  It also means when your 5-year-old who was working like crazy becomes size 6 or 7 and you are wondering why he is not getting as many calls for Go Sees, the reason is he is out of size.


In an effort to meet the overwhelming demand by parents and teens who have requested a chance to consult with Marlene, she has created one-on-one JAM Talk.  For a limited time, there is a chance to chat with Marlene in the privacy of your own home via online chat.

It can be about how to get started in the modeling business, review your  audition tape, discuss fashion and your style or issues of self-esteem.  She can even review the wardrobe you are planning for that special event!  It is your private time to ask her whatever you want. to inquire