The Power of Positive Thinking

In Peter Pan, when Peter is teaching Wendy to fly, he tells her to “think lovely thoughts.” Then, guess what? She starts to fly. That’s what you call the power of positive thinking. Positive thinking is such a strong force that is can make real changes. By thinking positive thoughts you can discover the unique and special person that you are. That’s why I want you to dedicate the beginning of every month to YOU!

We’re calling the first of every month, “Love Yourself Day”.

If there’s a month that goes with the theme of love, it’s February. With Valentine’s Day on the 14th, let’s make Love Yourself Day, February 21st, a week later.

Here are some ideas for how to pamper yourself and how to spread a little love to those around you that you care about.  They’ll help you discover your special and unique self.

1. Enjoy simple pleasures. Maybe this means doing a puzzle or playing an instrument or writing in your journal. Whatever it is, just make sure to take some time out of your busy day to relax and be with yourself.

2. Hang out with good friends. Surround yourself with friends that are supportive and who you can have a good laugh with. Laughing and smiling is contagious and your friends and those around are sure to catch your happy vibes.

3. Pamper yourself. Create your own mini spa by giving yourself a manicure or a facial. Take care of your skin and hair which may be dry and dehydrated from the cold winter air.

4. Take a walk. Grab a friend or family member and take a brisk stroll to get your heart rate up a bit. Exercising releases endorphins in your body. Endorphins are chemicals that stream throughout your body during and after exercising that really do cause you to feel happy.

5. Do a good deed. While you should always look out for number one-yourself… doing things for others is also very rewarding and crucial for those in need. Think of ways you can help someone out this month.  You could donate clothes, hold a bake sale for charity, recycle or carry