To the JAM Family,   Just Ask Marlene has been made aware that a scammer claiming to be a Wilhelmina Kids booker, Michelle Adell from account @modelbooker_kids may contact you out of the blue and try to scam money from you. DO NOT RESPOND TO ANY SUCH NOTICE and instead please send us details of the scam contact you received! For example, ...

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  • The Power of Positive Thinking

    The Power of Positive Thinking

    In Peter Pan, when Peter is teaching Wendy to fly, he tells her to “think lovely thoughts.” Then, guess what? She starts to fly. That’s what you call the power of positive thinking. Positive thinking is such a strong force that is can make real changes. By thinking positive thoughts you can discover the unique ...

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  • 10 Hacks To Being Happier When Life Feels Sucky!

    10 Hacks To Being Happier When Life Feels Sucky!

    Being a teenager/ tween can be rough at times! Honestly, just being human can be rough. It’s not always easy juggling school, friends, family and extracurricular. Not to mention, all of the changes you have to deal with in your body. Even though there’s no perfect way to navigate life and all the changes that ...

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  • Are you into the “ugly sneaker” trend?

    Are you into the “ugly sneaker” trend?

    Louis Vuitton definitely shook things up with their SS18 collection when they debuted the “Archlight” sneakers. Sites like GQ are going as far as to call them “the ugly sneaker trend”. Despite those opinions, here at JAM we are loving them, and Marlene needs help picking out which pair she should grab for herself! Let us ...

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  • Complaints about Your Agency

    Complaints about Your Agency

    I often hear people complaints from talent that their agency is not sending them out – and why would this be? On the adult size, it could be you have not sent recent photos or any photos with your new haircut.  The client is looking for models with long hair and you now have a bob ...

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  • JAM Squad Contest!

    JAM Squad Contest!

    The JAM Squad is a group of kids and teens that will be chosen to represent JAM. They will be contributors to our social media on a regular basis, with their own unique segments personalized to fit their talents and abilities. THIS IS A SEARCH for very special people so be sure that your unique self ...

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  • How To Get Discovered As A Model

    How To Get Discovered As A Model

    The most asked question I get is “How can I get discovered?” (or some variation of that). It’s truly not that hard, as long as you have the look and the work ethic required. A modeling agency will be sure to discover you if they spot your potential. It’s just all about getting their attention. How ...

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  • How To Get The Best Selfie

    How To Get The Best Selfie

    Have you ever been frustrated while taking a selfie? Does it seem like your selfies don’t look as good as you look in person? Well these tips might just help you! A favorite photographer of mine Jessie Rowan, agrees that for best selfie results use these essential 3 Selfie TIPS : 1. GOOD GOOD LIGHTING! This is ...

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  • Our Favorite Grammy Looks!

    Our Favorite Grammy Looks!

    There were so many great fashion moments last night at the Grammys. From Asahd Khalid to Olivia Sofia Jennen, we’re still swooning over these looks! Here are a few of our favorites over here at JAM. Sza in Atelier Versace and Chopard jewelry Julia Michaels in Paolo Sebastian and Chopard jewelry Andra Day in custom Victoria Hayes and ...

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  • Photoshoot Secrets!

    Photoshoot Secrets!

    Your career as a model begins and ends with pictures. Photos are your calling card in the modeling industry. Don’t be surprised if a casting director just snaps a Polaroid and says, “Next.” That snapshot is the best way to get the most basic image of what you really look like. You don’t need to ...

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