• Quiz: Your Skincare Style + Facial Giveaway!

    Quiz: Your Skincare Style  + Facial Giveaway!

    What is your skincare style? Are you a skincare buff or do you like to keep it simple? Let’s see! When you open your medicine cabinet, you see: Dozens of different kinds of face wash, creams, and toners spilling out (1 pt) A lonely toothbrush and box of Band-Aids (2 pts) Your favorite face wash, lotion, and sunscreen neatly ...

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  • Mentor Monday

    Mentor Monday

    Meet my mentee, Ariana Sneed! “My name is Ariana Sneed (@ariana_sneed) I am 23 years old, I am a full time student, studying international trade and marketing at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Marlene Wallach is my newest mentor/friend, we met in a very unorthodox way. We met on a delta flight from NYC to Buffalo, N.Y. ...

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  • “Girl In Action” Spotlight: Mercer Henderson

    "Girl In Action" Spotlight: Mercer Henderson

    When it comes to making goals for yourself, I always say it’s important to dream big! It’s also never too early to start working towards them! Mercer Henderson is a 15 year old girl that lives by this. She is the founder of two apps (FriendIts and Adiots), has hosted her own social media ...

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  • Your Sleep Sanctuary

    Your Sleep Sanctuary

    “Your Sleep Sanctuary” Definition:  a special place.   3 Ideas for Your Special Sleep Sanctuary Whether you are a fashion model, on the soccer team or a student, here are some ideas for creating your special place – and you don’t even have to have your own room – it can simply be an area.  A photographer I worked ...

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  • Food and Things

    Food and Things

    I have been getting many questions about vinegar these days. With so many preservatives in prepared dressings, Balsamic vinegar is a great alternative!!  “It kind of makes my face crinkle just to think about vinegar,” a sports model told me. Well, I have the answer so keep reading. First of all, we are not talking ...

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  • Color Code

    Color Code

    What Color Should You Wear? See what color suits you best. We’re talking about the color that is closest to your face like sweaters and Ts. —Blondes with Blue or Green Eyes Earth tones such as browns, golds, yellows, and greens are a natural way to go with this coloring. —Brunettes or Blondes with Pinkish Skin Tone Pastels—whether pink, ...

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  • Finding the Right Photographer

    Finding the Right Photographer

    Often, I get asked this burning question: “How do I find the right photographer?“. Well, this question does not have one solid answer. In fact, the “right” photographer could be different for everyone. Today, I have decided to answer that question by example and highlight a set of photographers whose work, I believe, is extraordinary.  There are ...

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  • Introducing… KRIS + ERIK

    Introducing… KRIS + ERIK

    In today’s spotlight is New York photographers Kris + Erik. This dynamic duo caught our eyes here at Just Ask Marlene for the simplistic and stunning nature behind every shot. Kris Lou is a dynamic fashion photographer using her visual voice to challenge the status quo.  She believes life imitates art, and inspiration is everywhere. Her ...

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    As a follow up to my recent post about being In Size, there is a part of the modeling world that involves the models specific measurements.  It is referred to as FIT MODELING.   A fit model is a person who is used by a fashion designer or clothing manufacturer to check the fit, drape and ...

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  • IN SIZE / OUT OF SIZE – a private JAM TALK with Sylvia

    IN SIZE / OUT OF SIZE - a private JAM TALK with Sylvia

    I recently had a JAM TALK with Sylvia – who has three boys, a 3, 5 and a 10-year-old and she is going to be one busy lady. In the kid’s world of clothing, age usually age translates to size and 3, 5 and 10 are what in the business we refer to as in size. ...

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