JAM Squad!

 JAM Squad

The JAM Squad is an awesome group of influencers that create content for our social media! Here are the lovely ladies of the JAM Squad!



My name is Suzy Bemba and I am seventeen years old.

I live right outside of Paris, France and. I love my city! It’s gorgeous, full of good food and nice shops and lots of history. I’m currently at boarding school where I study the sciences and extensive English classes. I am lucky to be bilingual since I have family in Miami, and I hope to visit them some day soon.! Fashion and singing are my favorite activities and though I started modeling at age four I was recently cast in a commercial production for a famous dairy brand. That experience has turned into a love of acting more and more everyday!

I’m more than happy to be a part of the JAM Squad and cannot wait to share my experiences with everybody. Thank you for welcoming me and never forget to Just Ask Marlene!


Elsa is a 10 year old, green eyed girl living in Chicago. She loves anything creative! Her latest passion is photography. As much as she loves being in front of the camera, she equally loves being on the other side of shooting portraits of her friends. Elsa loves sparkles, fashion, dance, diy, and making people laugh. She is a girl scout and co-owner of “2 girls and a lemon”, a lemonade business in the summer. She is passionate about being kind and giving back, and hopes to someday have a part in changing the world.


“Hi I’m Jade Eloka Trapp. I’m 17 years old and I live in Tahlequah, Capital of the Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma. I’m German and Native American and the middle child in my family. I’m very creative and I love art. Being that I live on a river, I do a lot of paddle boarding and canoeing in the summer. Fashion is also my Passion! I absolutely love putting outfits together and going to runway shows. I’m always looking up new styles and products to tryout. My ultimate goal is to be in NYFW walking the runway! Volunteering with charity projects is also a big deal to me….. So that’s me, and I can’t wait to share with the JAM FAM!” -Jade Trapp


“Hi, I am Shaina Bond and I am so excited to be a part of the Jam Squad! I am a freshman in high school and I am very involved in extra curricular activities. Some of these activities include volleyball, cheerleading, Girl Scouts, and skiing. During my free time I love to hang out with friends and family. I am looking forward to sharing some of my tips!” -Shaina Bond


“I am from New York where I was represented by Wilhelmina Kids & Teens starting at age 12. It was there I first got to know JAM. I am currently a freshman at the University of Maryland, I major in Psychology and I am super busy having recently joined Kappa Delta sorority. Even so, I always make time to focus on my Health and Fitness and I recently taught myself the Ukulele just for fun and singing along”. – Jamie


Hi, I am Lilah, and I am so excited to be a part of the JAM Squad! I am a huge fan of Musical Theatre, and I love acting, singing, dancing, playing the saxophone, and of course – modeling! I also enjoy spending time outside and with friends. I look forward to getting to to know you guys, and be sure to follow me on Instagram. @itslilahrose!

Greco is a sophomore at Stanford University studying bio engineering. Prior to pursuing her degree, Autumn signed with Wilhelmina at age 9 with dreams of modeling and acting, and landed print jobs with brands like Microsoft, Samsung, Bloomingdales, Nutella, H&M, Nordstrom, and Claire’s, to name a few. She has been recognized by Huffington Post and Ford as one of 20 under 20 STEM Pioneers and has received research funding and sponsorships from the National Cancer Institute and L’Oréal. Autumn is passionate about encouraging girls to pursue STEM careers and has written content to share her platform in a variety of media sources including Twist Magazine and Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s Better Make Room Campaign, as well as being featured in content from Teen Vogue and Girl Power Magazine. In addition to writing, Autumn worked as a teaching assistant and mentor for 20 high school students as they worked in teams to build medical devices in a Stanford summer research program. Currently, Autumn is researching liver cancer diagnostics at Stanford. She is super excited to join the JAM squad and share her experiences and ideas to the wonderful JAM community!

“Hi my name is Love. I live in Southern California and I’m sixteen year old. This year will be my second year as a Varsity Cheerleader, I have been cheerleading since I was in the third grade. I consider myself a bit of a girlie girl…. ok, who am I kidding a TOTAL girlie girl! Shopping is an essential part of my life. Aside from shopping my favorite thing to do is create new looks and styling my friends for a fun photoshoot! Photography is another creative outlet of mine since I’ve always enjoyed being in front and behind the camera. Currently I am part of my school’s TV broadcasting daily show called “The Wolfcast”. -Love

Halo is a 9 year old self-described fashionista, living in the beachfront town of Santa Monica. She loves all things music and fashion, and is currently recording an EP entitled W.O.W. (Watch Out World).  Halo really enjoys acting and being on stage. In addition to her love of music, glam, dance, performing and modeling, Halo loves hitting the beach with her family in the summer and boogie boarding in the California sun. A creative soul, through and through, she is also incredibly artistic, and frequently designs her own fashion pieces and crafts projects with items lying around at home. Halo is so excited to be a member of the JAM Squad, and looks forward to sharing her outgoing personality and unique perspective on all kinds of topics!


“Hi, my name is Miabella!  I live in Florida where I love acting, modeling, reading, and activism. I advocate for things such as equal rights and gun control. I have a passion for reading and writing, I run a blog called “The Feminist Papers”, where I write about speaking up for what you believe in. I also love books! Some of my favorite series are Harry Potter and Shadow hunters. I have been into acting and modeling since I could remember, but have recently found a great passion for journalism and broadcasting. I work with a lot of non-profits and love volunteering in my community!  I’m so happy and excited to create more content to share with the JAM FAM!” – Miabella


Angie is a very enthusiastic girl who is passionate about acting, dance, gymnastics, visual arts and reading. She is also very adventurous and is not afraid to try new things. Angie loves entertaining people and always looks for opportunities to put her decorating and party planning skills into action. At school she enjoys being a part of the choir, the school musical and helping out. Spending  quality time with friends and family is very important to her. Angie is thrilled to have an opportunity to share her fun-loving personality and interests with you.  But most of all, she is hoping to get you just as excited about reading as she is.


My name is Ivory Sabine Giddings. I was born in Brooklyn New York. At four years old, I started study modeling, dance and acting. In my future, I plan to be a business woman and open my own shoe company, with shoes for people that have small sizes.

Aside from my education (which is my priority), I’m a print fashion and runway model, actor, dancer and I also play the piano. I’ve had the honor of representing many local and international fashion designers in different fashion shows. I participated in the New York fashion week, Latin Fashion Week, Puerto Rico Fashion Inc, San Juan Moda, Ego Moda Kids, Style NYFW, Style L.A, and Posh Child Magazine.


Cameron is 13 years old that loves modeling, acting, and has a passion for musical theater.  She signed with her first talent agency when she was just 4 years old.  While living in South Carolina most of the year, she spends most summers in NYC working with agents.  She has been in commercials, tv shows, a web series, movies, done voiceovers for animated commercials, and been lead in local theatre productions.  In 2017, she received one of 12 Best Actress awards out of over 5000 participants at the national Junior Theatre Festival.  At school, Cameron is on the volleyball and track teams, and is 1st Chair Clarinet in the band.  Outside of school, she loves swimming, rollerblading, and gymnastics.  She also takes time to nurture her Slime business!


Hi! My name is Camrey! I am a professional dancer I just moved from NYC and now I’m currently training in Los Angeles California. I am also a full time student.  It is my goal to be a back up dancer and later a host in the entertainment field. I have gained amazing experience conducted numerous interviews with American Idol contestants, outside musicians, as well as booking talent and arranging their castings. I have a true passion for this field but I also want to grow as an advocate for mental health issues and bullying. It is my goal to help people with what I went through personally  in my own struggles and overcoming extreme anxiety. I’m all about standing out and being yourself. I love makeup and beauty, fashion, the arts,  I love so many different fields and have worked hard to build skills and grow & will always continue to learn. I’d love to share what I have found along the way and help you guys learn too!