What FUN! A Monthly Pink Box Opening!

Clothing Subscription Boxes

A fun, new way to not shop shop, is to subscribe to one or more clothing subscriptions.

By subscribing to a clothing subscription, you’ll discover the most hassle-free option to help style your look!  You complete a style survey and they do the rest. They just send you outfits based on your taste and you only pay for what you keep!!

Nadine West is one of the more exclusive and reasonably priced subscriptions and that is why we selected to work with her for our Instagram Box Opening below.

From Nadine: Like so many good things in life, Nadine West was born out of a late-night marathon shopping spree over a bowl of ice cream.!

It was a real marathon – eye-strained and head spinning, cycling through hundreds of items online, deleting the last item from your cart because you’re pretty sure it won’t be worth the hassle to return them for a refund when it doesn’t fit.  Yup, that was me. Online binge shopping, not finding a single item that I really wanted because every item catered to the ‘average’ online shopper instead of my personal style.

With a lot of inspiration and a bit of exploration, I wondered – what if I had someone to do the selecting for me?  Someone that knew my style with No commitments to buy!!  If I want this service, I am certain others must want it too!” I said to myself.  And with that, Nadine West…an affordable, personalized, monthly outfit subscription, laced with fun, convenience, and a bit of surprise…was born.

So let’s get shopping