How To Get The Best Selfie

Have you ever been frustrated while taking a selfie? Does it seem like your selfies don’t look as good as you look in person? Well these tips might just help you!

A favorite photographer of mine Jessie Rowan, agrees that for best selfie results use these essential 3 Selfie TIPS :

1. GOOD GOOD LIGHTING! This is the key to a fabulous photo. Natural lighting by a window is always a flattering idea–especially when its cloudy out, too much sun is never never satisfying.

2. Take hundreds of photos. There is never a number too high. Make sure you give yourself enough head room. If you don’t have your phone on a tripod have a friend snap your pics.

3. Lock the auto-focus: this way it keeps the subject (the face) sharp and in-focus. I always keep the focus aimed on the eyes of the subject–as eyes are most often the most memorable and what viewers are immediately drawn to.

Tag me on Instagram in your new selfies! I’d love to see how these tips work for you!

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