Sunscreen or Sunblock? Which is best for you? by Marlene Wallach

It is my tradition to buy a new sunscreen at the beginning of the Summer season andI put on my face daily, beach or no beach. Even though I wear tinted moisturizer with sunscreen SPF15 throughout the year, in the summer putting sunscreen on first and then the moisturizer, has been my routine. I am a little behind this year given it is the second official weekend of the summer, so on a recent Jitney ride to the Hampton’s I did my Summer 2018 research on the topic to share with you about Sunscreen.



To make a long story short, sun block includes minerals that cause the rays of the sun to reflect off your face, they are blocked, hence sun block. Mineral sunscreen is also called physical sunscreen in that the minerals act as reflectors of UVA and UVB rays. I am sure you have seen people on the beach who look like they have painted their face white – they are probably wearing mostly or all zinc oxide, a sunblock mineral. Sunscreen can have minerals too but it also chemicals which screen out the harmful UV rays, hence,sunscreen.



UVA rays can prematurely age your skin causing wrinkling and age spots and UVB rays can burn your skin. Too much exposure to UVA or UVB rays can cause skin cancer and the best sunscreen offers protection from all UV light and is referred to as broad spectrum or full spectrum. When using sunscreen, you want to make certain it states somewhere in the product information that it is broad-spectrum, or full-spectrum, sunscreen protects you from both UVA rays.


ARE YOU CRAZY – No Sunscreen for POC (People of Color) ???

If there’s one totally false statement around sunscreen issues- it is that sunscreen isn’t needed to protect deeper skin tones. Even though darker skin produces more of the melanin pigment which does help protect skin — it only protects to a certain extent. People of color can still get sunburned, and they can develop skin cancer from UV damage.
So back to my Jitney ride, I was sitting next to a beautiful young Asian woman Audrey woman, who is 21 and currently a college student at NYU developing a concentration in sociology of art and technology.  She works as assistant to the CEO of Bert Stern Productions (the photographer’s estate) and was on her way to the Hamptons to work on an upcoming gallery show. I had a good feeling about her so I struck up conversation with her about this season’s best sunscreens. She started talking about DRUNK ELEPHANT Face Sunscreen…



We take comfort in a sunscreen that goes on white. We know exactly where it’s been applied and that we’ve covered every inch. But we take even more comfort in knowing that with a little more blending, that whiteness is going to vanish, leaving only an invisible shield of protection. Such is the case with this 20 percent unscented zinc oxide formula. Once it sinks in, there is no ghostly cast — only a dewy (if a bit shimmery) finish. The formula spreads easily and feels light on the skin, and unlike other physical sunscreens we’ve tried, it washes off easily..  Allure Magazine
Which skin type is it good for?
DRUNK ELEPHANT also makes a SPF 30 tinted moisture which I plan to try. It would eliminate a step in my current morning routine of sunscreen, so I plan to give it a try.
Now let’s talk about what to use for the rest of your body.
I am not a sun worshiper but when I am at the beach, playing sports or know I’m going to be outside for more than a little while, I like a spray sunscreen so I can quickly apply it.


This clear mineral mist contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide — and now that you know what physical UV blockers are, you know that that these minerals simply reflect the sun’s UV rays. The formula does not have a leave behind white residue or a weird smell. It shoots out of the can and takes about a minute to soak in if you don’t rub it to speed up the drying time. I did feel slightly sticky nut that’s the price you pay for the mineral spray that is not aerosol – a no no for the environment.  

Janell M. Hickman, freelance writer said – The most challenging aspect of sun protection for people of color is finding a formulation that works. I have often found myself looking chalky, ashy, or even purple thanks to products that simply won’t rub in. After lots of trial and error, I finally found success with Skin Medical Total Defense + Repair Broad Spectrum SPF 34 for face and Moroccan Oil Sun Lotion 50 SPF for body.

Adorable Baby Sunscreen SPF 30 is No. 1 on the Parents Magazine 2018 list for Best Sunscreen. It is 100% natural – no synthetic or chemical ingredients; it is water resistant and lasts up to 40 minutes after being applied. It has broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection from the summer sun.
Now which sunscreen will you try? And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out our last guide to finding the best hair dryer!