Complaints about Your Agency

I often hear people complaints from talent that their agency is not sending them out – and why would this be?

On the adult size, it could be you have not sent recent photos or any photos with your new haircut.  The client is looking for models with long hair and you now have a bob – we get a screaming call from the client.   We get complaints from clients about your lateness or showing up when you clearly did not get enough sleep the night before.  This is a business and we have to keep our clients happy.  Someone about whom we are always getting complaints is not going to work.

Another reason you may not be called is that you are simply difficult to work with, always with lots of excuses for this and that.  You must remember this is a business and when time spent is not in proportion to jobs booked, well, I think you can finish the end of that sentence.

Insize / Out of Size

On the kids side the same could be true but there is the objective fact – what size are you and are you IN SIZE?

In size refers to fitting the same sizes that are uniformly used by manufacturers for garment samples – Sample Sizes.  Sample sizes are size 3, 5, 10 and sometimes 10/12.  While the sample size often correlates to a child’s age, it is not always the case.  There is a standard range for each size.

Sometimes clients will provide agents with a very specific height range when requesting models for “Go Sees”, the terns used in modeling for an audition.  Clients will be furious if you send models that are not in the size range requested and the only reason for that would be you are not keeping your representatives updated.

With babies updates are critical as they are constantly changing and growing.

It is essential that once signed with an agency you keep them updated whether it is about your size or new photos for a new hair cut or braces etc.

Agents are Just People Too

And at the end of the day, Agents are people too and showing up at the office with some treats or calling from Starbucks for their order or can go a long way.