Your Sleep Sanctuary

“Your Sleep Sanctuary”

Definition:  a special place.


3 Ideas for Your Special Sleep Sanctuary

Whether you are a fashion model, on the soccer team or a student, here are some ideas for creating your special place – and you don’t even have to have your own room – it can simply be an area.  A photographer I worked with at the modeling agency had three adorable girls ranging in age from six to thirteen and each of them has a section of the bedroom they have made their own.

Idea 1 Bed Is King

For lots of kids, their bed is doing double or even triple duty.  It’s where you do homework, hang out with friends and of course, sleep.  Putting your bed up against a wall and getting a bunch of pillows is a way to make your bed really comfy – like a sofa.  I also suggest toy or storage box at the end of your bed to throw anything from a teddy bear to comic books in before you go to sleep.

Idea 2 Make Your Room About You

Think about a color or a theme that means something to you.  Maybe you’re on a team or you really like your school colors – that’s the color to paint your room or you can find sheets and pillowcases with colors you love for accents. If you love music or the movies, find some posters and frame them for some cool artwork.

Idea 3 Treat Yourself to a Bit of Luxury

Imagine your bedroom is a luxury hotel – what would make you feel that way?  Would there be a fun clock, a favorite magazine, a pretty book for keeping your diary, or a favorite figurine? Simple things can make a big difference.

Whether you are an interior design or a creative young person, pillows are terrific accent pieces.


The Way You Treat Your Room Shows How You Treat Yourself

Your room is the one place where you close the door and say “Ahh”.  You always want to keep your room neat and tidy so it’s a calm and relaxing place.  For easy organization I love boxes where you can throw your odds and ends.  You can wrap old shoe boxes with fun wrapping paper and that way you may be able to fit them under your bed for easy storage.

Keep in mind that while you can redo your room, just sprinkling around some of these ideas can make a big change without a lot of work or expense.  And remember to always let your unique self shine through. For more tips like these get a copy of My Life, Marlene Wallach.



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